Acoustic Ecology and Sound Art in the ACT

Sounding Canberra is a collective of sound artists interested in field recording-based work.

As the Bush Capital, Canberra consists of a constellation of unique soundscapes, often overlooked, but not overheard. Founded in 2018 by members of the Canberra Experimental Music Studio, ‘Sounding Canberra’ is a collective of experimental musicians, science communicators and citizen scientists interested in engaging with the sounds of the ACT.

This project is made possible by support from Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres.



You are invited to participate in two ways:

- 1 -

Submit any number of 5min field recordings featuring sounds from Canberra. These can be urban, suburban, bush, indoors or outdoors. We're also interested in why you recorded what you did, and what you learned in the process. See our free workshops below if you're new to field recordings and/or audio editing.

No previous experience needed.

- 2 -

Participants are also invited to download recordings submitted by other users and use them as source material for sound art pieces. These works can take any form and be up to 10min in length.

We encourage any kind of artistic expression in response to field recordings including poetry, pop songs, avant-garde pieces, string quartets, solo piano works, etc.

We also run free workshops on sound art composition and performance.

No previous experience needed.

See our workshops section below for more information.

Completed sound art pieces will be featured on online albums released by local indie label Collected Resonances, and performed in concerts at Ainslie Arts Centre.

More information below.



We run workshops in field recording techniques, audio editing and sound art techniques.

Our workshops are made possible through generous support of Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres, and are free and open to all, regardless of previous experience.

Workshops are given at the Ainslie Arts Centre by students and staff of the ANU Schools of Music and Art & Design.





In the field recording techniques and basic audio editing workshops participants will be given an introduction to field recordings and acoustic ecology, including a guided walk around the Ainslie Arts Centre.

You will be shown how to use free apps available on your mobile phone to make recordings of the sounds around you.

We will then help you to use free and cross-platform audio editing software (Reaper) to edit your recordings and get them ready for uploading to the database.

You will shown how to upload any number of field recordings to the project database for use by other users in the second part of the project.

In the sound art composition and performance techniques workshops participants will be given an introduction to sound art and music which use field recordings as source material.

Using one or more field recording downloaded from the database (uploaded by other participants), you will work through some ideas with our Sounding Canberra team, who will help you realise your compositions, which can be electronic dance music, poetry, spoken word, chamber music, solo piano, jazz, pop songs, etc. There are no restrictions on style or content.

You can take your ideas home with you to complete and submit later, or finish on the day.

With your permission, your final recordings will be featured on an online release from Canberra indie record label, Collected Resonances, and performed at a concert at Ainslie Arts Centre.

More details below.



Sound art pieces from participants are featured on recordings released by local indie label Collected Resonances.

Participants are also invited to perform their field recording-based works at regular concerts at the Ainslie Arts Centre.

Note: You don't need to participate in the workshops to participate in the project, recording or performance.



Sound art pieces based on Sounding Canberra field recordings are featured on Collected Resonances online-only releases.

Collected Resonances is a Canberra-based collective of music and art makers focusing on new experimental, abstract, and exploratory creations.


Participants are invited to present their sound art pieces at informal concerts held at Ainslie Arts Centre.

The first of these concerts will be on 5th October, 2018.

This event will double as an album launch for the first Sounding Canberra sound art project release on Collected Resonances.

All Sounding Canberra events are free and open to the public.


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